Task List

Professor’s feedback was most helpful for creating this list of tasks. I really have quite a bit to do.

I need to establish my motive (which I’m still figuring out) , reorder paragraphs, connect the ideas in my sources to make points, work on how to analyze sources in a way that is not too repetitive (especially for quotes that support the same claim—figure how they are different), figure out a thesis, work out how I am going to articulate said thesis, investigate more sources such as Seo-Young Chu’s book, look for useful information on drugs that act as brain stimulants or neuro-enhancers, select specific scenes from my primary texts that would be useful to my argument, and figure out how to explain them in a clear and concise manner (so that the readers get it), create a solid intro.

As of now, I really need to think about breaking down and reorienting the placement of everything. However, I may do this after collecting some more information, which may be helpful in working out the structure of my paper.

2 thoughts on “Task List”

  1. I’d suggest starting with motive, in a very specific way. I would write a couple of paragraphs summarizing debates about “brainhood” and “transhumanism,” with attention to how your two primary texts relate to, illustrate, or complicate arguments made in these debates. You might include critics like Roth and Ortega and Vidal who make their arguments about brainhood in literature, or this might be a third paragraph. Think about this question: Do these shows do what Roth says literature does–“capitulate” to “reductive” ideas about neurological identity? Or do they do something more subtle and multi-faceted, as Ortega and Vidal suggest neuronovels do?

  2. Hey Asheka,
    Its good to see that you have a plan of attack for this next phase of revision. I would agree with professor Tougaw that you should begin with motive; it will make all of the other things you need to do that much easier. I would also suggest that you not panic about how much there still is to do. It can seem like a lot sometimes, but all the work you are doing is going to really improve your paper and will get done! I’m excited to see the transformation that your paper will undergo as you continue to revise and establish your motive and a better articulated thesis.

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