Task List

Professor’s feedback was most helpful for creating this list of tasks. I really have quite a bit to do.

I need to establish my motive (which I’m still figuring out) , reorder paragraphs, connect the ideas in my sources to make points, work on how to analyze sources in a way that is not too repetitive (especially for quotes that support the same claim—figure how they are different), figure out a thesis, work out how I am going to articulate said thesis, investigate more sources such as Seo-Young Chu’s book, look for useful information on drugs that act as brain stimulants or neuro-enhancers, select specific scenes from my primary texts that would be useful to my argument, and figure out how to explain them in a clear and concise manner (so that the readers get it), create a solid intro.

As of now, I really need to think about breaking down and reorienting the placement of everything. However, I may do this after collecting some more information, which may be helpful in working out the structure of my paper.