Feedback Reflection

I am extremely thankful for all the feedback I have received on my project. It is all really constructive and will surely help me with configuring my essay over the break. Everyone seemed to like that I am using the transhumanist angle to assess these shows, which I am thankful for because I was unsure if anyone would think it made sense.

Professor was super encouraging and has suggested that I use specific resources that he has sent me to work with. Lisa has also stressed the importance of data gathering and I agree that I have much more work to do in terms of reading and incorporating sources. I have many resources right now, but also much more to find in order to create a strong argument.

Professor has also pointed out that I need to take my time in explaining and analyzing scenes from my primary sources. Similarly, Sara thinks that I should work on refining my argument by using some very helpful questions which she provided to help me assess different scenes and their representations of consciousness. I will definitely work on slowing down and doing my analyses with precision. This was actually a huge concern for me because I tend to run away from summary, but in this instance, it is necessary in order for readers who have not seen the shows that I am using to understand what I am talking about.

My next step is to really work on the suggestions given by my peers and Professor so that I can come up with a specific thesis. I think that once I know what my specific argument is, then I will be able to argue for it a lot better. For right now, my ideal finished essay is one that will make a unique argument that is both engaging for readers and scholarly. These are the most specific expectations that I can have for right now.

Good Luck with Your Projects & Happy Holidays Everyone!!!